Within Debe Flow Group, we constantly value and work actively to conserve the Earth's resources. That is why we set the highest standards when it comes to sustainability. Our products help to use our resources more wisely and efficiently. With the help of our products, our customers can also have a smaller climate impact and contribute to their goals regarding sustainability.


Our products help to create a cleaner and safer environment. By using products from us, it gives you the opportunity to save both energy and water, which of course affects our entire climate impact. The production methods we have are energy efficient and we constantly work to impact the environment in the least possible way. In addition, we work actively to reduce waste volumes and our consumption of water and electricity. Caring for the environment is something that is high on Debe Flow Group's agenda, both when it comes to our employees and society as a whole. The goals in the United Nations Agenda 2030 are ones that Debe Flow Group attaches great importance to and works towards achieving through our products.


Debe Flow Group takes great responsibility for creating a sustainable supply chain. Our purchasing department is constantly working to optimise the efficiency of logistics from our suppliers so that we can have as little impact on the environment as possible and reduce CO2 emissions. That is why we work according to a number of different points.

We want long and good relationships with our suppliers. Through good cooperation, both parties know what we expect and can make demands on each other when it comes to reducing running costs, something that benefits both. We have high expectations of our suppliers and, for example, make demands on:

- A close collaboration where our buyers constantly work to maintain a positive and continuous dialogue. By having a good collaboration, we build better business for you as a customer in a competitive market. Our technicians also constantly work to develop our products with our suppliers so that the best possible product is achieved environmentally, financially and technically.

- We place high demands on quality. If something goes wrong, we want to evaluate what happened and learn for the future.

- We place demands on our suppliers to be competitive in terms of price, logistics and technology, in order to increase our competitiveness.

- Through the long and good relationships we strive for, there is also mutual trust. We prioritise high credibility, openness and dialogue.

- We also require that our suppliers conduct business in accordance with laws and regulations. It is of the utmost importance that suppliers comply with justice and human rights.

Code of Conduct - suppliers (eng)


Social responsibility is something that Debe Flow Group has worked with, as a matter of course, since the start of our journey.

At Debe Flow Group, we want to ensure that we have a good physical and psychosocial work environment. The health of employees is incredibly important and therefore we constantly review the work environment. We work to have good workplaces, promote health, exercise and a healthy lifestyle and constantly review what can be improved. If the staff are healthy, the company is healthy.

Within Debe Flow Group, we want to recruit employees who want to develop within the company and in the expansive stage we are in, there are many opportunities. We strive for an equal workplace so when we recruit new employees, only the competence is crucial.

We constantly monitor if work-related accidents occur, both physical and mental. We do not expose employees or production to any unnecessary risk.

Of course, we choose the best technology to ensure that processes within and to the company add as little external environmental impact as possible.

ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance

Debe Flow Group works continuously to evaluate and compile how sustainable the Group's companies are. By assessing ESG criteria, one sees how the company acts with regard to environmental friendliness, social sustainability and corporate governance. This includes reviewing the company's emissions, waste management and recycling of natural resources. It is also about how we work collaborations and how we ensure that suppliers have good conditions and that safety in the workplace. We must also manage the business in an honorable manner, that accounting is handled correctly and that we counteract, for example, bribery and corruption.