Debe Flow Group is in an expansive phase and wants to develop the group in a positive way. Acquisitions have been, and are, an important part of Debe Flow Group's continued growth, which also makes it possible to develop the business in the direction we want to go - forward.

We are always curious, open and positive when acquiring companies that can help take Debe Flow Group to the next phase. The businesses we acquire add new products, broaden our customer base and constantly provide new knowledge within our group. We have an offensive ambition to grow both organically and through acquisitions in the coming years.


Our philosophy places an elevated value on entrepreneurship, drive and profitable growth. The companies we seek to acquire are well managed and have a high level of competence, with a company management that promotes development and forward thinking.

Debe Flow Group works through three different strategies:

  • Operations that can give us access to new markets geographically within one of Debe Flow Group's already existing product areas.
  • Operations that complement Debe Flow Group's existing offering in geographic markets we are already established in. 
  • Product-owning companies and operations where Debe Flow Group is not yet established.


Debe Flow Group works in a structured and active way to identify potential candidates to acquire. In addition to our own channels and contact networks, there are also other players such as brokers and auditing firms who constantly provide us with interesting candidates. Early in an acquisition process, we want to create a dialogue with owners and company management in order to create a good and trusting relationship to build on. A positive early dialogue is crucial to see future cooperation even after the acquisition.

An analysis is then carried out where we go through in much more detail what the candidate's activities look like. There we focus on how the company is organised, what type of corporate culture there is and what the future potential looks like. This is then put in relation to Debe Flow Group's other operations and the result is a picture of the synergies that can be achieved after an acquisition. Debe Flow Group's acquisitions can then be carried out in slightly different ways. Either that the entire company is acquired with or without the previous owner, or that Debe Flow Group only buys the business, which is called asset acquisition. 

A plan is then prepared to be able to develop the acquired business in the best possible way. Debe Flow Group has a stable and large organisation where synergies can be reached quickly, markets can be opened and new customer groups added to the acquired company. Sometimes the acquired company is continued as a separate company, sometimes it is integrated within the Debe Flow Group, which depends on what is best in the individual case and how we see the greatest development opportunity. Each acquisition is unique and the conditions for these are adapted for the best possible outcome. 

Acquisition History

  • AT Pumput OY, Finland
  • Filterteknikk A/S, Norge
  • Termoventiler AB
  • Perfecta Pump AB
  • Pemtec AB
  • Pump och brunnsteknik AB
  • H20 Filterteknik i Lerum AB
  • Dag Idbrant VVS AB
  • Matsco AB
  • Anytech Scandinavia AB