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Our brands

The Debe Flow Group includes the following companies and brands

Debe logo

Parent company within Debe Flow Group. With specialised and carefully selected products, we are your partner for clean water, waste water and geoenergy, now and in the future.

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Pemtec logo

Pemtec is a subsidiary of Debe Flow Group and one of the Nordic region's leading suppliers of products for rock heat, geothermal heat, sea heat, pressure drains, pressure water and cable protection.

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Perfecta logo

Pefecta was founded in Växjö and merged into Debe in 2020. Perfecta is a well-known Swedish brand that has been responsible for quality pumps, fast deliveries and fast service for over 60 years.

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Termoventiler logo

Through Termoventiler, which was merged into Debe in 2021, we deliver components for a reliable, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly heating or cooling system with a long service life. Termoventiler distinguishes itself through high product quality and an elevated level of service and technical support with experienced and knowledgable staff. Our world-famous product, "Laddomat", is still one of our most popular today.

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Matsco logo

Matsco is an irrigation company that specializes in irrigation systems for golf courses, cemeteries, parks and football pitches. Matsco services facilities, sells spare parts and carries out new installation of entire facilities. The company is located in Jönköping and was acquired in 2022. In March 2024, the company Matsco Finland Oy was founded in Finland to process the Finnish market.

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Debe Borrcenter AB logo

Debe Borrcenter AB specializes in efficient machines and drilling equipment of high quality through both sales and rental. The company is located in newly built premises in Bålsta with a good opportunity for warehousing - to be able to quickly meet customers' needs. In addition, there is a workshop that takes care of the company's and customers' needs for service. The company was acquired in 2022 and was previous named as Anytech Scandinavia AB. 

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Vermeer Viking logo

Vermeer Viking is the official dealer of Vermeer's machine program and products in Sweden and Norway. Since June 2023, Vermeer Viking has been part of Debe Flow Group and continues to deliver world-class products, machine programs and service.

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TerraRoc logo

TerraRoc is market leading in products for drilling foundations and well drilling. TerraRoc is globally well-known thanks to continuous R&D, close collaboration with the market and rigorous quality control during production.
All this makes TerraRoc a complete supplier for drilling tools and consumables. TerraRoc Finland Oy was acquired by Debe Flow Group in August of 2023 and TerraRoc Ltd. in UK in December of 2023. 

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Successful days at Nordbygg


Idoffsson new CEO in Matsco


Matsco starting up in Finland

About us

We are strong together!

Debe Flow Group consists of companies with cutting-edge expertise in their respective fields. All are manufacturing companies with their own products and a strong focus on product development and innovation. Together, we form a group with broad knowledge that can quickly deliver to our customers in Europe, regardless of whether it is complete solutions or individual products.

Swedish quality with an environmental focus

Debe Flow Group is a complete supplier of Swedish-made equipment for water supply, geoenergy, water purification, circulation, waste water and control technology for water-borne heating systems. Since 1956, we have established ourselves as a leading company in the Swedish market and in the rest of Europe. Despite the fact that we have grown in recent years, customer proximity, flexibility and responsiveness remain as core values ​​across the business.

Our goal is clean water

Today, clean water is a matter of course for many, but the declining groundwater levels of recent years have meant an increased environmental awareness of water as an important resource. By manufacturing and delivering quality products to our customers, Debe Flow Group works to ensure clean water for the market. As an innovative company, we have contributed to the development of the industry, among other things by introducing a drinking water-approved cable as standard for water pumps. We also have a wide range of energy-efficient frequency-controlled pumps for a sustainable society. Our geoenergy products fit in well with the growing need for climate-friendly heating.

As a sustainable future is of the utmost importance for all of us, it is something we place a high focus on. Therefore, geoenergy is very important to us as it is a renewable energy method where energy from rocks is used to heat properties. That is why we are very proud that Debe Flow Group is one of the Nordic region's leading pioneers and suppliers of geoenergy products. We manufacture collector hoses and collection wells in our factory in Borås, which gives us great opportunities to find good customised solutions.


Debe Flow Group and its companies are owned by the Pomona Group AB. The Pomona Group is a family-owned development and investment company that has existed since 1986. Through long-term perspective and industrial knowledge, the Pomona Group develops niche companies in selected industries. As an owner, the Pomona Group takes an active role with the aim of creating stable conditions for further development of the operations. The Pomona group is owned by the Rapp family and has long-term and stable profitability as its guiding light. Within Debe Flow Group's companies, the owners are on the boards of Debe Flow Group AB and Pemtec AB.